Sailor & I

A man of certain age shows he is still amongst the most fit of us, running and swimming in a beautiful piece of nature, a polished affair accompanied by the jaw-dropping Tough Love by Stockholm’s rising star Sailor & I. The richness of the track joined by hundreds of butterflies, this brings the track to an even higher level of mesmerizing beauty.

"Sometimes I start a fight / just to see if you care" sings Sailor & I on his debut single Tough Love, a song about the complex relationship with his wife. Emerging early 2012, he gained interest from a handful of established labels; he ended up signing to Black Butter, known for Rudimental, Joel Compass, Syron, etc. Even though most of those are quite electronic acts, Sailor & I shows with Tough Love an orchestra can be just as cool (or possibly even cooler) as mad beats. This track hits you right in the heart, even though there is a spark of hope to be found in all the despair.

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