HAERTS fulfill all our hopes and pop dreams with Giving Up, the lead single off their forthcoming self-titled full-length (out October 28. The structure and potential sounds very high-budget and chart-worthy, but the small details confirm the band-feel and heartfelt (or should we say heartfelt) approach of the four piece. Also, that layered pre-chorus vocal at 3:00 that builds and builds into this wonderful climax is pretty much everything.


Freddie Dickson comes lurking out of the shadows he immersed himself in for the past year or so with News (how fitting), the title track of his forthcoming EP. Atmospherically it has that classic Lana Del Rey vibe we’ve heard in lots of his songs so far, yet with a darker plot and take on the genre (perhaps it’s that XY chromosome). He almost growls at moments, aggressive and confident in his voice, but the final seconds of News show it’s basically a way of hiding his plea for news on love, a feeling both XX and XY people experience.

Still high on wedding vibes, Jessie Ware continues with the promotion of her forthcoming sophomore record Tough Love and has unveiled a new track titled Want Your Feeling. Co-written by Dev Hynes and produced by Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford, it sees Jessie Ware almost begging for your love, all romantic and starry eyed. That typical Dev Hynes guitar funk in the background gives the track a timeless vibe, even though Jessie is already making sure of that.

Laura Welsh and Ang Low form the perfect duo on Lifeline, a charming thing of beauty on which the two grace a pretty experimental production with their voices. Laura Welsh is basically one of our favorite artists that’s always releasing brilliant tracks, but in particular combined with Ang Low’s high voice that comes from deep within, her groove is strong. It feels like both of them found a safe place, and just out of that a pretty spectacular track came out of it. “I’m throwing you a lifeline, tell me where you’re going” - we’ll basically hold on to whatever rope these two may be throwing.

It’s probably too obvious too say Vérité is the truth, but sometimes the most obvious things to say are the best. While introducing track Strange Enough was up that typical Brooklyn pop street (“slow down / pick up the pieces” is a genius lyric), with it’s stretched-out synths and MS MR-feel, follow-up Weekend shows the guts of the young lady, with her very much taking charge of things romantically (we could fall in love for the weekend) and standing strong over a very vocally layered drum-driven production. 

There’s very few (popular) female producers, and barely any that capture both femininity and bass at the exact same time - MORLY however found the perfect balance. On her debut Seraphese the Minnesota-based producer flirts up the piano with some aaah’s and a really warm, complementing but subtle bass. It very much feels like a “hello, there’s much more to come, you ain’t seen nothing yet” kind of track - a bit like that amazing press pic of hers.

Karen Harding picked up MNEK’s attention through a series of Youtube covers (and X Factor performances), the two hooked up in London and worked on some #bangerz together. Say Something is the first piece of their collaborative labor, a BPM’d club jam that is just full of that typically UK house sound everyone goes nuts for nowadays. “I want to bring what Whitney Houston brought to ’80s and ’90s R&B to house” says Karen, who falls for sweet harmonies, ad-libs and strong vocals - Say Something is all that and more. To be filed next to the likes of Sinead Harnett and Becky Hill.


Clare Maguire somewhat kept her cannon of a voice hidden lately (even though her magnificent Light After Dark was full of it), but this new collaboration with d&b man High Contrast certainly puts a fire on it. Who’s Loving You is split into two parts, with Clare banging up Part One as of today (and premiering here on DN) (Part Two has less of Clare but can be heard here). Clare wrote the original track under the sheets, High Contrast turned it into something that has you jump on those same sheets. The piano basis recalls John Newman’s Love Me Again, and we all know how massive that was: add High Contrast’s splashing production to it, and you’ve got a monster hit.


Grace Mitchell recalls the confidence and sound of a young singer we were first confronted with when we heard Lorde’s The Love Club - she has the ability to not just have you sit down but also on the edge of your seat. The production is very minimal to add to the dramatic effect of the drums in the back, but mainly to highlight that voice of her which definitely speaks to you. While Broken Over You is the better pop-structured radio song, it’s  the spellbinding atmosphere of Your Design that quite literally stops you. Did we mention she’s only 16? Gosh. “Somebody tell me this is real life”, cause it certainly feels like a charm.

Rae Morris makes her piano arrangement sound all twinkly and magical with some help from Kid Harpoon (Florence, Jessie Ware, endless list of other pop stars) on her new single - it results in a warm and beautiful new single titled Closer which somehow contrasts and compliments with the emotional Cold at the same moment. With the incredible chorus “You’re moving away from me / but I feel you closer, I feel you closer” sounding like something you’d whisper your departing loved one in his or her ear seconds for their solo world trip, you’re destined to win over their heart for all those separated months.

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