We’re getting closer and closer to 2012 every day, which always results into everyone (well, almost everyone) making their best-of-the-year-lists. I am still very busy with mine (I am very bad at making lists, always move stuff up and down, add new stuff, etc), but I’d like to know what albums and EP’s released in 2011 you enjoyed most the last 12 months. You probably figured it out by now: it’s this Disco Naïveté Readers’ Poll, edition 2011!

To cast your votes, simply fill in the form below and click “Submit” when you’re all done sharing your favorite releases. You can also vote here and share the poll using the link http://bit.ly/dnreaderspoll2011. Voting closes December 18, the results will be announced shortly after. I will also share my personal “Best Of 2011”-lists sometime later, if I ever end up finalising those.

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