Imaginary Family is the project of Joanna Isselé, a lady that was born in the French Alps but currently resides in Ghent, Belgium. Her parents gave her an acoustic guitar for her 23rd birthday, and off she was. Romantic folk is her thing, yet it is a very minimalistic take on folk with the sparse guitar arrangement - maybe because she’s left-handed but plays the right-handed guitar upside down.

If you like the folk of First Aid Kit and Marissa Nadler, you will admire Imaginary Family. She doesn’t only share first names with Joanna Newsom, but there’s definitely a hint of the imaginary (hah!) story-telling in her lyrics as well. The beautiful animated video, directed by Dries Bastiaensen (also from Belgium), really takes The Bird Watcher to the next level. An EP is set for a September release via Unday/NEWS.

mp3Imaginary Family - The Bird Watcher

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