Even though we loved GRANIT and their dreamy self-titled debut EP, it didn’t take long before the dream pop girls split up. Sad news, but member Cristina already paired up with producer Eloi Caballe to form a new band called DESERT.

While GRANIT reminded us of dream pop like Beach House, DESERT is a step further into a more ethereal sound - think Cocteau Twins meets Laurel Halo, with lyrics sung in Catalan to give it an interesting twist. Camins is the first song the duo have put out, premiering here at DN.

Here’s what singer Cristina has to say about Camins, with the song itself streaming below as well.

"Both of us were kind of lost while working on this song. At the time I couldn’t help listening in a compulsive way to Andy Stott’s Passed By Me and visualizing myself on a dark road in a jungle surrounded by beasts. I truly felt like that most of the time but I palpated I could end up doing something beautiful that would help taking those feelings away. To us it’s a “way to the light” song.”

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