It’s a bit weird we never told you about the pop-mastermind that goes by the name St. Lucia. He released a pretty stellar EP with our friends Neon Gold earlier this year, with a full-length set for a release in the new year. Nothing but praise for St. Lucia, just a little shame-on-us for not telling you about him.

Anyhow, we are now, and to make up for our late-ness we’re offering you te premiere of Pacific Air's remix of All Eyes On You. The LA brothers injected St. Lucia’s nifty pop jam with their recognisable summer-vibe. It’s like you’re celebrating the start of summer on the beach with your friends, a laid-back day in the sun and good music in the background.

PS: if you’re in the LA area go say hello to these from us at Popshop West this Friday!

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