Proud to bring an annual tradition back to life: the one and only Disco Naïveté Readers Poll! Every year we ask our readers (that’s you!) to vote for their favorite music released in that year and obviously 2012 is no different.

The Readers Poll is becoming more and more popular every year and we happily scroll through all of your votes to see what you have voted for. Every single year we’re proud that our readers have such fine taste in music (not surprised though, as they read DN after all!), which makes us eager to find out this year’s results already!

This time we’ve teamed up with HumanHuman to create a mini-website on which you can cast your votes: We’d like to know what your favorite albums, EP’s and songs released in 2012 are, plus which three acts you think will break through in 2013. You’re not obliged to fill in all fields, but the least you’ll have to do is let us know your favorite album of 2012.

When you’ve finished voting you can easily share your votes with the rest of the world on the final page. This way your (internet-)friends know instantly what your personal favorites of the past year are.

Voting closes on December 23, the results will be published shortly after. Our own lists will also be published sometime that week.

What are you waiting for? Go vote!

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