The first single of The Knife's new record Full of Fire is out next week, but you can hear it in its entirity over at Juno in snippets of 30 seconds - yes, you’ll need to click a couple of times because it’s a 9 minute track, but it’s The Knife so basically worth every second of your time and effort. Go listen to the track here or below, pretty needless to tell you it’s amazing. It’s an exciting piece which builds upon the organic sound they created with Tomorrow, In A Year but drifts inbetween Silent Shout darkness and Deep Cuts synthpop backed with some ethnic, animal’esque vibe. We’ll bring you a proper full audio as soon as we find it.

updateThe stream of the song has unfortunately been removed, but here is a 2 minute snippet to ease the pain until Full of Fire is out in full next week.

update 2 Here is Full of Fire in its full glory.

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