Partpanda are three friends from Brighton that have been playing bedroom music for ages and finally decided to share some of their stuff with the rest of the world in this new year. The trio is compromised of Vienna, Graeme, James - the former sings, talks, raps and plays the guitar, while the latter “make various other noises.” They refuse to be put in a genre and say they make “all sorts of stuff” which touches on folk, hip-hop, electronic and the likes. Their first three outputs as a collective follow this “whatever” line of work - Sunlight is a gentle, subtle electronic love song; Bad Ones is a folky acoustic piece; Flower Pots is charming DIY hip-hop. It shows they’re versatile and don’t stick to a certain sound, but with Vienna’s beautiful voice fronting all of their songs we’re pretty sure they can’t do anything wrong. (via)

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