We have seen a rise of innovating producers lately with artists like S O H N, Jack Magma and Recycle Culture all doing very original and interesting things with electronics.

Kirk Spencer can be added to that list, as he creates an atmospheric soundscape that has a lush, organic vibe to it - something that has a certain mystique yet is very easy to get sucked into.

This Nottingham-based producer has released material in the past: last year he released Enter The Void, an EP with bliss tracks like the joyful Raah and Hota Hai, all very much inspired by India and its rich culture. For this new EP Wonderland he has clearly added some UK-influence to that sound of his, something that you can definitely hear in Kukcu. Mid-song the bass and some sort of choir kicks in which takes the track to a whole new direction (kind of sounds like an oriental The Weeknd at points). Wonderland features some more vocalists and promises to be worth it - on March 25 we’ll know.

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