Niia is one of the many NY-chanteuses doing the rounds, performing in places around the city (in her case: performing soundtracks of James Bond) and occasionally uploading a new track to a Soundcloud.

An actual LP is in the works though, for which she teamed up with Robin Hannibal (one half of Rhye) for her first single Made For You production-wise. The result is a very somber, dark and emotional track that combines a subtle production with beautiful, dramatic piano arrangements. Kind of reminds us of The Weeknd in a way, but it’s a lot more sensual and emotional.

If Made For You doesn’t convince you of her enormous talent, we’re sure her cover of Jai Paul’s BTSTU will do the job. Or maybe Mad World, which is surprisingly more bright and pop-leaning than the rest of her tracks. Basically any of her songs will have you fall in love with her within minutes, maybe even seconds.

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