While many bands hide themselves behind a veil of mystery, only few of them take their first steps into the world with such a refined aesthetic aspect and vision as Roman.

"Who is Roman?" you ask? Well, we don’t really know. His journey started on February 13 with a mixtape uploaded on Youtube and Soundcloud that kicks off with a snippet of his own Dangerous Love and is then followed up by what we believe are artists and bands Roman loves (the likes of Madonna, Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Gil Scott-Heron pop up). His Soundcloud also claims he is from London.

TThe second part of the story comes in the form of Aftermaths, a website and visual snippet-project that started last Monday and which counts three videos up until today’s piece with more to come the rest of the week. Short 40-second videos directed by Federico Urdaneta, starring two actors and Roman himself (we suppose he’s the shirtless guy), soundtracked by a snippet of a track of Roman. We believe these are trailers/teasers for a soon to be released mixtape Aftermaths, partly because he states “mixtape” on his Facebook page. The tracks soundtracking these videos - we highly suggest you check out the Wednesday one, it’s pretty amazing - are energetic and refined pop songs that remind us of the likes of Metronomy and Night Works.

Because we like digging, we dug a little further and took a look at Roman’s followers on Twitter. Amongst those we find Cocknbullkid, Night Works, NZCA/Lines, Egyptian Hip Hop, Jack Savidge of Friendly Fires, some London-based record labels and a bunch of London- or UK-based music “people” (journalists, managers and the likes). Interesting combination of people that suggest Roman might possibly be the next big thing.

In conclusion: Roman is a possibly new act from London that is unveiling visual pieces this week, soundtracked by songs of his, possibly taken from a soon to be released mixtape Aftermaths. All of it sounds very, very exciting and amazing, plus it comes in a nice package with a bag mysterious wrap around it. 

We will obviously keep you up to date on whoever this Roman person is and what more he puts out. We are very intrigued, as you can see by the length of this post - the snippets of music we heard so far are definitely worth it.

update We have updated this post with the pieces for Thursday and Friday. The visual aspect of the Aftermaths project ends here, we’re eager for the next chapter in Roman’s story. .

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