Haim bring out the sister-chronised (yes, we just made that up especially for Haim) once more for the video for new single If I Could Change Your Mind off their chart-ruling Days Are Gone. Another jam off the record, another fun video - Haim are surely growing into a good habit. Directed by Warren Fu (Aaliyah, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode). Our generation’s Destiny’s Child, ladies and gents.

The Haim sisters turn manhood on them in the video for The Wire, with their dumped boyfriends aka fanboys complaining to one another, sobbing all over the city. And bad news doesn’t end here, as because of their sadness, they’re also missing out on a Haim gig. Bummer!


The Haim sisters are at it again with new single The Wire, a song that you inevitably heard the trio play live in case you caught them live the past few months. Even though a demo of this song has been floating around for years now, the finished product is slick as ever, perfect till in the details and already making us move on our chairs on the first play. It’s less in your face-pop then previous singles Forever and Don’t Save Me, but you grow to like it almost instantly thanks to the nodding rhythm it has. No official word on the full-length yet, but it shouldn’t take too long now. (picture)

Haim have unveiled the video for their already major hit Falling, shot in the LA mountains by director Tabitha Denholm. It’s quite the “rumble in the jungle” to describe it in oldest sister’s Este’s words and features quite a bit of dancing (as usual in Haim videos) and will without doubt put a smile on your face.

Haim follow up their latest amazing single with an amazing new single - story of their life, basically. We saw the Haim-siblings play Falling live and in session at Maida Vale already, but the final studio version features a touch of synth and charm too and was produced by Ariel Rechtshaid. A video is coming soon, of which you can view a little behind the scenes video here and which finally tells us the sisters (finally) got personalised Haim-jackets.


We kick off our annual “Sound of [insert next year]” lists with an announcement: this year we are doing things a bit differently.

Usually we just make a list of all acts we have big expectations of in the new year, write some bits about all of them and list them up in one big post. This year we have firstly made some categories in which the acts will be divided: The Bands, The Duo’s, The Boys and The Girls. These speak for themselves, obviously. Secondly, we decided to have tip only five acts in each category: we could have easily given a lot more in every category, but this forced us to narrow it down a bit and thus hopefully offer an even better quality.

If you’re a loyal reader of DN none of these bands will be new to you - we share our musical finds all throughout the year; this list is merely a way of looking back (to what acts we discovered) and looking forward (to what acts might become big.)

We would also like to nuance that “get big” thing - we are sure not of all of the acts listed up will break through and/or gain (commercial) success. It’s more of a list of acts we personally have big expectations of and which will hopefully probably definitely be making and releasing great music in 2013. If they do get big, well, hurrah!

In short: four categories, five acts in each, we love them and they will release amazing music in 2013, possibly break through to a wider crowd.

Today we kick off with The Bands (which requires at least having three people in the actual “band”).



No surprises here, as we are big fans of the Haim siblings. Their Forever EP was crowned as Best EP of 2012 here at DN, as we’re pretty sure we’ll simply never grow tired of it. Pop like it’s supposed to sound, or at least how we think it should sound like. They’ve been playing gigs since they were little girls with their parents - in 2013 their parents will see them depart on world tours to please the millions of fans they will certainly have.

Arthur Beatrice


Arthur Beatrice were in last year’s list as well, but we strongly believe in their future and proudly mention them again in this year’s list. After two self-released singles, this quartet is ready for a full-length - and so is the world. Established indie bands, you better make room for Arthur Beatrice among your circles.



Another heart-melter, but so powerful even the coldest heart will fall in love with them. Goodnight London, So Long (GODISDEAD),… Money have released some songs that brought us to tears more than once - we’re going to buy a load of tissues to make sure we’re prepared for more in 2013.

London Grammar


London Grammar conquered the blogosphere by storm with their fitting debut single Hey Now - a slick slice of slow but intriguing electronic pop. We’ve heard more tracks and can confirm this London trio are capable to make you dance and sing as well, like a proper pop band sometimes does.

Kate Boy


Kate Boy hint towards The Knife from the Deep Cuts-era with their catchy synth pop but lean towards the more poppy side of said genre. Obviously there are Swedes involved in this project; three to be exact, plus one Australian. Destined to make synth pop more popular than ever in 2013.

Haim go on in a 3x3 basketball match with some guys in the video for mega-hit Don’t Save Me. They may be taller, but they’re probably not sisters (or brothers, in this case) nor as rocking soon-to-be popstars as the sisters Haim.

HAIM — Don't Save Me

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We’ve only been playing Haim's stellar (!) debut EP about 100 times yet (for real), so you can imagine how excited we were when we heard they had unveiled a new song. And oh boy, Don’t Save Me is yet another perfect slice of 2012 pop-but-not-pop. And my third play of the song and I’m already dancing around in my room pretending to know the lyrics. So proud to be putting on their first show on Belgian soil.

DN’s favorite sisters come to town, we’re going HAM because we’re presenting their show: Haim! The siblings conquer the world day by day and rightfully so. “Think Stevie Nicks produced by Dallas Austin or the Staves in a tussle with TLC” say The Guardian, we see them as 2012’s bad ass reincarnation of Destiny’s Child. Drenched in LA-sun and -fun, these girls know what we long for in music. You can expect them to blow the roof off Botanique’s Witloofbar, as they’ve been playing gigs since they were kids (true story) and basically amaze everyone that sees them live. Grab your calendars and mark this: Botanique, November 3, Haim!

Tickets are available now through the website of the Botanique.

We are also giving away 3x 2 tickets for this show. To have a chance at winning a pair, like both Disco Naïveté and Botanique, plus attend the event on Facebook. Winners will be picked closer to the show.

                                                                                                                                                                              poster by Jay from DYNMK.de.

Haim — Hold Me (Fleetwood Mac cover)

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A lot of interesting artists and bands have done a cover of a Fleetwood Mac song for Just Tell Me That You Want Me, including the likes of Antony Hegarty, Trixie Whitley, St. Vincent and Lykke Li. You can stream most of the compilation right here, but it doesn’t hold the cover the beloved sisters of Haim did of Hold Me - that one is streaming above and appears on the digital version only. As you know (or might not know), the sisters have a history of playing covers with their parents (as Rockinhaim), so they know a thing or two about how to play a good cover. Just Tell Me That You Want Me is out on August 14 - pre-order your copy now.

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