SSION's BENT is always a nice record to return to - it’s as much pop as it is underground as it is gay, without sounding too much like either of these. SSION stretches the 2011 record with a series of wicked videos, perfect fits to the music. The latest one is for LUVVBAZAAR (one of our favorite tracks off BENT) and SSION basically celebrates the wild night life in it, before he does some midnight groceries and goes see a drag queen (that actually did backing vocals on the track). 

"SSION’s new video is a coming of age love story between an enigmatic instigator and an alien-brother-lover resulting in the purest form of magik with a bit of feminism and Las Vegas showmanship thrown in for good measure, all shot in Kansas City."

In short: SSION's video for Earthquake is basically everything you expect from a SSION video: weird but fun. Directed by the man himself, of course.

The second Cody Critcheloe (SSION)-directed video of the day is the colourful/playful video for Big Mouth, the new Santigold single. It’s the second outtake from her forthcoming new album Master of My Make-Believe, which is set for a release this Spring. Sounds/looks a lot like M.I.A.

mp3 Santigold - Big Mouth

MNDR's new single #1 In Heaven (the first to be taken off her forthcoming debut) is a song about Patty Hearst, granddaughter of newspaper legend/millionaire William Randolph Hearst, arrested for robbing and murdering a person but eventually excused for the crime. The lyrics are her exact words after getting arrested: “Tell them I am smiling and send my greetings.” The video was directed by Cody Critcheloe (SSION) and is a manifesto with different archival footage, animation, and film techniques, plus a faux boy band to maintain the pop-spirit.

SISTER ACT is fashion designer Peggy Noland, curator/performance artist/photographer Jaimie Warren and sultry pop mastermind SSION. The collaborative trio released a song titled F Mi En Di E Jo, which is quite the eurodance-meets-disco-house jam.

mp3 SISTER ACT - F Mi En Di E Jo

Download SSION's new LP BENT for free over at (or just click here). It features the quirky Listen 2 The Grrrls and PSY-CHIC that were mentioned on here before. Very recommended: it’s fun, danceable, gay’ish pop in a non-Britney way, etc etc etc.

PSY-CHIC is another punky psych-dance jam taken from SSION's forthcoming new LP BENT. Possibly the best song they have done so far. BENT is out next week (June 28) as a free download via the band’s website.

SSION — Listen To The Grrrls

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Listen To The Grrrls is the first song to surface of SSION’s forthcoming new album Bent. “Kylie Moroder Pink Huggy Bear Floyd aka a new song from the new record Bent”, the band say. Download the sexy punk jam here, the full LP drops in June.

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