Amateur Best is surrounded by a series of weird dancers wearing creations you see on the runway sometimes and of which you wonder “do people ever where those?” Well yes, they do, in the video for his Pleased. And there is a very cute puppy in there too. A very good song, haute couture and a puppy - what’s not to love about this?

Amateur Best's new tune Too Much may start off a bit “weird” with the saxophone going places, but as the song evolves it becomes quite the pop gem - something we know and love Amateur Best for by now. After a series of songs and the brilliant Ready For The Good Life, Amateur Best will release a full-length No Thrills on Double Denim on February 4.

The colourful video for Amateur Best's Ready For The Good Life showcases bits & pieces of the pretty comics accompanying the Amateur Best music. It’s the third time this song has been featured here on DN, which basically means three things: 1. It’s amazing, 2. Don’t ever tell someone “Oh, Ready For The Good Life by Amateur Best? Never heard that one.” and 3. IT’S AMAZING. The 7” is available now on Double Denim, iTunes have the digital version of the song.

Amateur Best's Ready For The Good Life has been featured on DN before (over 10 months ago), but recently he convinced Chilly Gonzales to play some piano over the song - definitely worth a re-release, don’t you think? With the added piano, the lush electronics sound more smooth than ever. Out on October 1 via Double Denim, along with a digital comic (as usual) from Lush Comics.

Amateur Best — Be Happy

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Double Denim's 10th release is a 7” from Amateur Best (formerly Primary 1, his comics and music have been featured before); stream the a-side Be Happy above; head over to DD to pre-order your copy.

James, the main character in Amateur Best's ongoing comic/music-series is celebrating Christmas this month. Read all about it in the new chapter Dead Or Alive and stream the accompanying song.

In other Amateur Best: he soundtracks today’s Alt Advent.

The Wave is the second chapter in Amateur Best's (aka Primary 1) monthly new comic/music series. Once again we join our hero James Best as he rides a wave of casual destruction through London Town… Click here if you missed the first issue Ready For The Good Life.

Primary 1 is back with a brand new project: Amateur Best. It’s a a monthly comic book with brand new music to stream and enjoy. The comic tells the story of James Best - latent alcoholic, sometime London based DJ and lifelong amateur. Over the months that follow you can follow his misadventures through the mad old city he lives in, always accompanied with a new song and one piece of ‘film music’.

Read the first issue Ready For The Good Life over at his website or below, plus be sure to grab the song accompanying this edition.

mp3 Amateur Best - Ready For The Good Life

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