Berlin greyhound and DFA darling Dan Bodan wants to sing the kind of stories you read in your older sister’s diary on long-awaited debut LP Soft (out in October on DFA), which is mostly messy love stories. First single Soft As Rain is true songwriter craftsmanship and sees the singer give a while new spin on the sleepless techno he grew up with - turning down the BPM’s, he offers an introspective view on his love life.

DFA’s very own troubadour Dan Bodan minimalises his take on electronic pop songs for the heart even more on new single Anonymous - a melodramatic approach to pop songs, with a production flirting with the demo-allure. “Spend 50 bucks on cheap cologne” and other random things one might do when in love sings the young Berlin-based star over a sad and almost absent beat - brilliant.

DFA heartthrob Dan Bodan has been featured on DN about 2 weeks ago because we went nuts (in a very good way) when we heard DP. We featured a stream of another very good song of his as well then, the equally fantastic Aaron - which is actually the a-side of his DFA debut 7” (available here digitally and here on vinyl) - for which the man himself directed a little video. What a voice like that, he’s basically destined to sing on mellow electro pop jams like this.

Dan Bodan is the newest member of the ever-brilliant DFA-family, being referred to by DFA themselves as their “heartthrob.” I did some background search on him and it appears he’s from Germany and has been making music for quite some time now. DFA discovered him and fell in love rightaway - just like me. His “proper” debut single DP is a romantic (although he doesn’t really agree with that term), slo-mo electropop jam in which Dan Bodan gives all reasons why he’ll sleep with you. Very Hot Chip’esque, thus very good.

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