Before Eddi Front starts off new song Meat in this session for La Blogothèque, she fills up the room with hundred of candle lights and has her pianist play a little romantic medley. As usual, her lyrics have this sinister yet sweet spell, combining the most common things with another common thing that at first seems like a horrible mismatch. When Eddi Front whispers it into the mic, it all makes sense though. Catch her at Dark Paradise at SXSW and have her take you to her beautiful world.


Beyond proud to present you an (unofficial) SXSW day party along with our friends from Crack In The Road in the form of Dark Paradise, an afternoon showcase featuring acts we strongly believe in with the help from Mailchimp.

It all takes place on March 13 at B D Riley’s, the entire thing is free and no wristband or badge is required. We expect the venue to be packed in no time though considering the - even if we say so ourselves - ace line-up, so come early and stay late. Besides, this line-up is definitely worth you spending the entire afternoon there.

GEMS - 12-12:30 
NO - 12:45-1:15 
Mozart’s Sister - 1:30-2 
Young Dreams - 2:15-2:45 
Pacific Air - 3-3:30 
Eddi Front - 3:45-4:15 
S O H N - 4:30-5

D E N A - dj

RSVP here or on Facebook. Warning: RSVP’ing does not guarantee entry: as soon as the venue reaches maximum capacity, it will be one out/one in.

"One, two, three" whispers Eddi Front, right before the pianist hits the first note of Texas in this session for Yours Truly. The rest is basically a gift straight from heaven, so delicate and pure. Yup, we’re going to spend another evening listening to that magnificent EP of hers on repeat.

Eddi Front steps out of the darkness and right into a black cab for her Black Cab session, in which she performs an intimate version of her Superhero Style on a guitar during a dark London night. Her magical EP is out now on Best Fit.

It’s obvious we love Eddi Front, but we never expected a video this beautiful for her Gigantic. The NY-based singer-songwriter spends her time crawling up against a wall in what looks to be a vintage wedding dress, a perfect fit for the equally melancholic song. “This divorce is gigantic” sings Eddi Front, “and I’ve always been slow to get off some drugs, to let go of some loves.” Beautiful. Her debut EP is out now on Best Fit, we posted a stream of it last week - just let the shimmering beauty sink in and join in on our endless love for Eddi Front.

NY-chanteuse Eddi Front has won our hearts over a long time ago already, so it makes perfect sense we have blogged all of the songs on her debut EP already. It is however nice to have all tracks bundled so you can just let the beauty sink in without having to search for the next track on the web when the previous one finished, so that’s where this Soundcloud set comes in handy. The EP is out next Monday via Best Fit on 10” vinyl and features a photograph of her mother on the cover - be sure to treat yourself on a copy

We’ve been fans of NYC-songstress Eddi Front for quite some time now, so we were delighted when we found out she signed to Best Fit Recordings for the release of a 4-track debut EP. The EP will hold Gigantic, Texas, plus this delicate new song Superhero Style as well as a cover of Nick Cave’s Into My Arms (which you might have already heard if you knew her as Ivana XL/which is amazing).

EDDI FRONT continues to amaze us with TEXAS, a new song from the NYC-based songstress. It’s very delicate track, I can almost hear it float.

A found footage video is the perfect fit for Eddi Front's delicate Gigantic - David Dan Burkhart (who we’ve been a fan of for quite some time now) was the right man for the job.

Oh, the beauty of simplicity. A soft and sweet voice the vintage-vibe which made people fall for Lana Del Rey, romantic piano-ballads and cinematic lyrics: meet EDDI. I can’t find any information on this girl, not even sure EDDI FRONT and EDDI LINES are the same person (very likely, though). Her bandcamp tags say she’s from New York, but in the end I don’t care where she’s from, what’s she’s called or how she looks like as long as she has the music to keep it interesting. And EDDI sure does. CRY BELIXS and GIGANTIC are two melancholic, fragile and gorgeous piano-ballads. Definitely going to keep an eye on all EDDI’s on Bandcamp from now on. (via)

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