El Perro Del Mar has unveiled the Frode & Marcus-directed video for Walk On By, the first single to be taken from her forthcoming new record Pale Fire. The entire album has a bit of a “The Knife fronted by Lykke Li”-vibe and is everything but the delicate gem Love Is Not Pop was - I doubt it’s a coincidence this obviously 90’s inspired video reminds me of Henry Moore Selder’s video for The Knife’s You Take My Breath Away.

After the sample-heavy What Do You Expect and The Knife-oriented Innocence is Sense, El Perro Del Mar gives us the first actual preview of her forthcoming new record Pale Fire (both aforementioned songs will not be on the LP). Walk On By reminds me of The Knife once more (Deep Cuts for life) yet hints of the romantic Love Is Not Pop vibe are present as well. Pale Fire is out on November 12 via Memphis/INGRID/The Control Group.

It’s been a while since El Perro Del Mar treated us on the London riots-inspired What Do You Expect. No news since then on her forthcoming new record Pale Fire, but today the Swedish songbird has unveiled the video for her new single Innocense Is Sense. It was somehow expecting something that sounded like the the lounge-tingled romantic pop sound we fell in love with on Love Is Not Pop, yet Innocense Is Sense is something you would expect from fellow Swedes The Knife (both the song and visuals). We are not complaining, however - not at all!

El Perro Del Mar — What Do You Expect

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Swedish songbird El Perro Del Mar is set to release a new full-length next year carrying the name Pale Fire. She launched a new website and treats us on a new song titled What Do You Expect. Unfortunately no singing as the song is entirely made up of samples, yet El Perro Del Mar shares the idea behind the song on her new Tumblr.

Around the time of the riots flaring across the UK, I was wrapped up in work on an album which in many ways is about living in a time where there’s little hope, little future and what times like these do to people. I felt I needed to say something about the incidents since I feel they speak volumes not only of one society in specific but about the society and time we live in at large.

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