Elliphant and MØ, bad gals from the north, team up for One More, a late-night dubby clubby jam. The pair slow down the tempo (especially compared to their BPM-heavy own material) and bump ‘n grind over a bouncy thing of slow-burning dark love. “And it’s open all night, you can hang with me, I got money” - these sisters from other misters find their feng shui in each other.

While Elliphant is already somewhat of a superstar in Sweden, the rest of the world is still at her taking. The wild child’s first weapon fact for Mad Decent is Revolusion, a highly energetic force field that introduces 2k14 punk dance pop. Having spent some time in the studio with Diplo and Lorde, it is just the first step in an exciting adventure that’s developing for the young Elinor, with an EP titled Look Like You Love It out on April 1.

We’ve listened to Elliphant's "bonkers" new track Down On Life on repeat ever since it dropped last week - today the Swede MC/pop-powerhouse unveiled the pretty video for the song. EP out in January, destined to spice up those cold winter months.

We’ve never used the word “bonkers” to describe anything on the blog before (mainly because for some reason it has a very negative connotation to us), but we can’t think of any other way to describe the new Elliphant jam Down On Life. It’s a playful, hip-hop oriented but pop-structured that acknowledges the raw talent of  the young Swedish MC/pop-powerhouse. Down On Life is taken from her self-titled 6-track debut EP, which is out on January 20 and holds more bangin’ tunes (some of which we’ve already posted).

Swedish MC/energetic pop sensation Elliphant has unveiled the video for her wicked new single Cian’t Hear It. The production is chaotic yet on point, bits ‘n pieces of auto tune yet not overused at all - she even sounds like M.I.A. around the 2:20 mark.

Niki & the Dove’s manager brings you Elliphant, a new female-fronted act from Sweden. While N&tD rely on the mystic theme of their music, Elliphant’s tunes lure you to the dancefloor with a steady beat and infectious rhythm. Get started with TeKKno Scene and In The Jungle below. Pretty sure we’d get a massive pop anthem if this lady would team up with D E N A.

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