Fryars' tone is a lot more positive towards love in his new single Prettiest Girls Fly Highest compared to his contribution to Rae Morris’ Cold. Yet again it’s pop on his very own terms, packed with auto-tune and other anti-pop pop things. The groove is slightly more playful than his earlier tracks (especially compared to the demo), which could be courtesy of the Jimmy Douglas (Blood Orange, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake) mixing efforts - whatever the rhythm, Fryars is set to definitely re-shape pop’s playground with the forthcoming full length Power (out on November 17 via Fiction).

Rae Morris and Fryars offer the most depressed but beautiful love song you’ll hear all year with Cold, which now has a perfectly synchronized video too. It’s all love gone wrong in the song with lyrics like “your hips never wave when you walk” and “your voice isn’t kind when you talk” - the heavily auto tuned part of Fryars in Cold perhaps presents the cold distance that can come between two former lovers and contrasts perfectly with Rae Morris’ high voice.

Fryars delivers another forceful non-ballad ballad with The Power, which is non-pop pop song number five from camp Fryars since his return as solo artist. “Maybe you’re a superman, hey” feels relaxed yet honest, as do his rockstar and fool-accusations later in the song. Taken from the first physical collection of songs since his return, an EP titled Radio PWR out on October 21. Closing line “all I wanted was an IRL” feels like the most sarcastic and most genuine lyric of the year.

Two boys promoting the believe in Fryars head out to neighbourhoods they don’t really belong in in the video for Cool Like Me, trying to convince the local people of the end of the world and their faith. Even though they bust some moves, the locals don’t seem that convinced, up until they bring out their moves once more only seconds before things turn really wild.

"You can be anything you want to be / you can be cool like me" croons Fryars in new single Cool Like Me, making use of his typical auto-tune. The overall outcome has a bit of a Daft Punk effect, but with more future pop allure than the nostalgic feeling the French duo aim for.


Fryars is back with another new song, a song on which he picks up the auto-tune we heard him use on Love So Cold and In My Arms once more. Contrary to the ice cold sense of the latter, On Your Own feels slightly more warm on the production-side of the story. The lyrics however are just as cold-hearted with an occasional flair of hope, of independence and of love. At a certain point Fryars is going to release all of these songs and a couple of others on an album, which is going to be an auto-tuned but beautiful thing that explores the rather sad side of love.

update And here’s the Olivier Groulx-directed video for On Your Own, which is also rather sad and emotional.

Fryars' new song In My Arms sees the singer-songwriter head back to his more poppy roots without losing his recent glitch/autotune-tricks. It comes with a video in which the young London singer and the girl he loves spend some time in floating balls on a pool at night before they eventually make out whilst Fryars sings “I just wanna hold you in my arms.” Romantic, right?

Fryars wanders around the streets of London in the video for his comeback single Love So Cold: the Big Ben, Soho - they’re all in there. Could have been a trailer for some sort of game in which you’re an assassin in London, but it probably makes more sense when you see it as some sort of scene in which a boy feels lost in such a big, vibrant city as London - he’s on a search for a band with someone, a passionate love, but all he finds are very superficial connections (“a love so cold”). Or something like that.

It’s been over 3 years since we last heard from Fryars - not really though, as he’s been co-writing tracks for some people and actually released a song some time ago as Best Dressed Dog. Who knew? (I kind of did, actually). Anyway, the gifted boy is back with a new single Love So Cold, with an album on the way. He hasn’t lost his talent for song-writing and smooth electronic pop along the way. Related: his debut album Dark Young Hearts is one of the most underrated albums ever.

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