Obviously one of the most beautiful and creepy songs of the year gets a video as creepy and beautiful as the song itself - we’re talking about Bugs Don’t Buzz by Majical Cloudz. And yes, there are actual bugs in the video. Bugs on a piano, bugs on a baby doll’s eyes, bugs everywhere (and a pink rabbit too). The sound you hear are not bugs buzzing, but Devon Welsh pouring his soul out (even though he’s covered in some kind of black slime). Directed by Gordon von Steiner.

We’re addicted to the new LP Impersonator from Majical Cloudz, the musical alter ego of singer Devon Welsh. Whenever we put it on we get lost in the somewhat weird but truly wonderful maze he creates on Impersonator. Sometimes we feel like crawling up in our bed and just listen to that album for the rest of the day, or even week.

This session he did for La Blogothèque shows why his music grabs you this much, as it feels like he stares right into your soul with those big, round eyes of his during Bugs Don’t Buzz. It’s captivating, even though musically it feels more like a poem on a stunning piano arrangement. Watch it above and dive deeper into his wonderful world with the Emily Kai Bock-directed video for another Impersonator-highlight Childhood’s End below.

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