Mykki Blanco and Princess Nokia deliver the soundtrack to a proper drag queen’s make up routine with Wish You Would, a stomping and vibrant sexy thing. Princess Nokia gives Nicki Minaj a run for her money with her fresh verse, reminding us of the latter’s contribution to MonsterI’m the only bitch in the Bronx rocking Chanel /high top bun, fresh tip nail” she spits over a rattling beat from Brenmar, right after Mykki Blanco did his thing (“I-I-I was robbing ni**as for Dolce panties”).

Bathed in red light, Mykki Blanco switches between his male and female self in the video for Feeling Special, the previously mentioned Maxtrixxman-produced joint of her forthcoming EP The Initiation.. The way he toys with sexuality in all of his videos are always a feast for the eye, and watching her curl up in the dark with nothing but car lights shining on her body, Mykki B is probably the most convincing male woman around.

Mykki Blanco — Feeling Special

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Mykki Blanco is hard at work - in the midst of a European tour and wrapping up more videos than some people release in their entire musical career, he’s set to release a new EP Betty Rubble: The Initiation early March. Feeling Special is the first cut off that EP: the Matrixxman-produced joint is a lot less chaotic and energetic than Mykki’s previous work, but this allows the listener to focus on his lyrical talent. The track breathes and intrigues in a way only Mykki Blanco can seduce you.

Angel Haze and Mykki Blanco star (amongst others) in this Emily Kai Bock directed documentary “Spit Gold Under An Empire” about the (Brooklyn) hip-hop scene. A lot of good points are being made how about the industry pushes the music people will like in a certain direction, but how the underground benefits of that (in one way or another). 

Mykki Blanco continues to be visually and lyrically amazing in the new year - the video for the Brenmar-produced Cosmic Angel-joint Kingpinning (Ice Cold) takes place in downtown Brooklyn and features a bunch of his friends (including Dev Hynes, Heron Preston, Ruth Gruca and Le1f). Half way he brings up the true Mykki persona again for an intimate bed scene with two girls. Directed by Clarence Fuller.


Today we take a closer look at The Boys. We admit we’re more easily attracted to girls musically, but 2013 might become the Year of the Boys if you take a look at the five acts we’ve featured below.

Mikky Ekko


Mikky Ekko is definitely most promising and exciting new singer-songwriter that crossed our path in 2012, his Pull Me Down might have something to do with that. This Louisina-born young man spent the last months recording his debut record with a handful of big producers (Paul Epworth, John Hill, Dave Sitek, Clams Casino, etc) and one of our favorite new songwriters Justin Parker (Lana Del Rey’s partner in crime, Laura by Bat For Lashes) - it would be a true shock if this album doesn’t fulfill our wishes.



Ofei is a “London Soul” singer that bathes in mystery; he’s got nothing but one track out, the stunning London, but that one song makes us gasp for breath. His voice reminds us of Ellery Roberts’ (WU LYF) over-the-top voice, as it almost sounds as if he’s singing his lungs out. London represents the true sound of the city of London: with it’s many layers and unexpected directions it represents the chaos and vibrant atmosphere of the city; on the other hand, London is a highly charismatic and soulful tune because after all, living in London is basically kind of living in a dream.



Vienna-via-London producer S O H N is probably the most intriguing producers around right now, with a sound that’s so organically electronic you can hardly call him a producer. With his well-structured and highly original tunes, S O H N received worldwide praise - we are sure he is capable of a lot more.

Deptford Goth


Deptford Goth doesn’t mess around and goes straight for your heart - it’s very easy to love him though. Lyrically and musically, this London singer creates a safe harbour for all hopeless romantics and lonely hearts out there. Perfectly crafted indie-oriented pop; we just can’t wait to have his record soundtrack those quiet evenings.

Mykki Blanco


Oh boy, we sure do love Mykki Blanco. His whole persona-game are what attracted us to him/her in the first place, but Ms. Blanco is one of the most exciting rappers out there in our humble opinion. Surrounding yourself with talented producers, directors and photographers sure has it benefits, but the idea of combining a certain macho aggressivity with a sexy female bitch-vibe was all her’s.

Autre Ne Veut recorded a slightly different version of his futuristic r&b-infused pop jam Counting with Mykki Blanco, a treatment which comes with a video telling the story behind the song. Both ANV and Mykki Blanco nurse a dying grandmother in the video, a beautiful piece directed by David Riley. It also confirms Mykki doesn’t need to provoke to shine as a rapper but does just as well in a more serene setting. Anxiety is out on February 23 via Software.

Pushed back due to Sandy (that bitch), but here it finally is: the debut mixtape from bad bitch Mykki Blanco. The package is appropriately titled Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss, a title that basically embodies the entire Mykku Blanco “experience.” Obviously Wavvy and Haze.Boogie.Life are featured on it, but it features a bunch of new songs with production coming from Brenmar, Sinden, Flosstradamus and more. Grab it over at her website whilst you stream it below.

"Some bitches gain / some bitches conquer / some bitches got laid down in the slaughter" - Mykki Blanco does it again with his/her new single Haze. Boogie. Life, which comes with a .gif-friendly video directed by Danny Sangra.

Bad bitch Mykki Blanco is back with a new track Haze. Boogie. Life, which comes with a Tumblr full of gif’s from the video. Some gif’s below, can’t wait to see the actual video (which comes out this Friday and will probably be another visual masterpiece). Haze. Boogie. Life. is produced by Sinden and Matrixxman - yet another bad ass track from Ms. Blanco.

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