We’ve been big fans of Night Works' classy, stylish pop sound since I Tried So Hard - he followed up the hypnotic two minutes and a bit with plenty more jolly and refined pop songs including the likes of Long Forgotten Boy and Modern European.

All of these and much more appear on Urban Heat Island, Night Works’ (which is the moniker of former Metronomy bassist Gabriel Stebbing) first full-length. It’s out next week via Loose Lips yet already streaming in full glory below - an album you definitely you don’t want to miss out on. (via)

Night Works finishes the Modern European trilogy with the final installment Long Forgotten Boy in the Daniel Brereton-directed videos. In the video we walk from The Eveningtime party in Bethnal Green via Beckton Alp and Paris to a reconciliation with Long Forgotten Boy himself by the sunken barges at Dagenham Docks. The full-length Urban Heat Island is out next month, and we can’t wait.

After a series of stellar singles, Night Works announced the release of a proper debut album Urban Heat Island. The 11-track record will see light of day on March 4 via Loose Lips and promises to be a mix of “glacial synths, off-kilter R&B and offbeat disco.” The new single Long Forgotten Boy is Night Works’ most directly pop-oriented (yet very original and refreshing) song to date and was produced by former Metronomy-band member Joseph Mount.

Pop-mastermind Night Works has unveiled two more tracks of his forthcoming debut record Modern European. Both are in the Modern European theme. 9.09pm in Paris features Zooey and a present bassline, plus obviously des paroles en français. The second song is 9.09 AM in Berlin:12 hours later and in a different country, described by Night Works as “home made techno” and is in Deutsche plus holds a feature by Box Codax.

Night Works (aka Gabriel Stebbing) follows up the excellent I Tried So Hard and The Eveningtime with far more playful and far more rich new single Modern European. It’s actually quite nice when you play all three tracks in that order, feels like there is a natural flow waving through which always takes the next song to the next level. Imagine what the last track on the album is going to sound like! Anyhow: pop mastermind, new single, listen to it - you’ll love it. Plus you get a nice virtual visit to Paris when you watch the video!

Gabriel Stebbing’s sense for stylish pop is so good; formerly as a member of Metronomy and currently as Night Works. His debut single I Tried So Hard, a lush and intriguing piece of electronic pop based on one simple lyric, made it onto our Midsommar compilation - and now he’s back with the follow-up The Eveningtime. It’s as excellent as I Tried So Hard, yet more of a “song” than the former. It comes with a video directed by Daniel Brereton which gives it a pretty visual boost - it’s hard not to post/like this, isn’t it?

Former Metronomy-member Gabriel Stebbing returns to the scene as Night Works - his debut single I Tried So Hard is a delicate pop gem, which draws comparisons with the Metronomy from the Pip Paine era. I was gonna go with “smooth & sexy”, but Night Works describes it as “make-out music for the end of the world” - a fine description if you ask me. Video above, but I promise the extended version below (with a jazzy interlude!) will keep you pleased for 4 extra minutes.

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