After almost a year of silence, NY chanteuse Niia is ready to make her big splash in 2014 with her Robin Hannibal-produced (one half of Rhye) debut record. Today she warms the water with Generation Blue, a heartfelt thing of pure beauty, premiering here at DN. Robin’s gentle production fits perfectly with her soothing, calming voice - Generation Blue both lifts you up (that string section!) and puts you down (nothing but a great big nothing) at the same moment. What a track. (picture by Dan Monick)

Rhye played a set at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge a fortnight ago, NPR was there to capture the magic on tape. That so-called magic is merely a set of silhouettes set to dim candlelight, the perfect atmosphere for Rhye’s heartfelt love songs. For those who have seen Rhye live (us included, still impressed by the beauty of that) this will help you remember it; for those who haven’t, it will make you long for the day you will.


Robin Hannibal, one half of Rhye, infects Laura Mvula's stunning She with a bit of subtle funk, which gives the song a bit of a new edge and puts Laura’s original composition in a whole new light. Focusing on the “she don’t stop” bit, he blops and bleeps it through a floating production - it almost makes you wanna dance, but you’ll definitely swoon along. (via)

When two of the most innovating producers around gather on a remix, delicateness is the keyword. S O H N has remixed Rhye's beautiful Open (which still makes us cry every single time we hear it) and made the song blossom into a slightly industrial, but never heavy on the beats gem.

Because all amazing songs need more than one video, Rhye have made another video for their debut track Open. In the video, a couple head to the coast to spend some days in a romantic beach house. It’s taken from the enigmatic duo’s debut album Woman, which is out next month (March 4) and is destined to skip more than a few heartbeats as it’s truly beautiful.


Boy and girl, girl and girl or boy and boy - no matter what sexes are in it, duos always seem such a balanced musical affair. We have selected three boy+girl and two same-sex duos for you below, duos you’re destined to hear more from in 2013.



Rhye conquered the scene by storm with their striking debut single Open - comparisons to Sade are inevitable, but this duo’s love-infused mix of funk-tingled, romantic pop is a very modern-day sound. Their second single The Fall is another slice of beauty, we just can’t wait to fall in love with the full-length.



We’ll never ever get enough of dream pop - especially if it’s as beautiful’s as GEMS’ take on said genre. GEMS are Lindsay Pitts and Clifford John from Washington, DC who record their music in an empty beach house (coincidence?) in Kitty Hawk, NC. The result is a truly enchanting, dreamy sound that makes you simply feel like you’re gazing upon stars.



Tumblr Glitch Pop, Soul Fuzz, Electroshock - however you call MS MR's sultry pop, it's hard to deny their music is pretty amazing. Aesthetically and musically, MS MR has got it all lined up. After the release of their Candy Bar Creep Show EP, the boy-girl duo will release a full-length Fantasy in the new year, an album we will inevitably put on repeat all through 2013.



AlunaGeorge, the singer/producer duo compromised of Aluna and George, make smart use of the secret formula that always seems to win us over: r&b infused pop. Rather than going for a strict sexy vibe like most r&b-hinted acts do, they keep it playful and rather cute. Pop gets turned into a new direction as well, with influences from two step and the likes.

Saint Lou Lou


Soon-to-be pop stars Saint Lou Lou are the newest “Swedish pop export product” - the kind of product that always promises a certain quality. Debut single Maybe You melted many hearts, but this sister-duo has only got started (just wait until you hear Side By Side!).

This live version of Rhye's touching The Fall is probably the most beautiful thing we’ve heard all year. Paired with found footage of couples in love, we couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect fit. “Don’t run away / don’t slip away, my dear…”

Quite contrary to Rhye's NSFW-video for Open, the video for their new single The Fall is very safe for work - in fact it takes place at an office party. People end up drinking champagne whilst taking a bath fully-clothed and kissing in a car after an arguement - okay, maybe not thàt safe for work as we originally suggested.

Rhye — The Fall

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Rhye made some hearts skip some beats earlier this year with their stunning 3-track debut EP Open, in particular with the stunning title track Open. One of their “things” back then was the mystery surrounding the duo - it appears one half of them is a singer named Milosh. Ah well, whoever they may be or wherever they may come from: considers us fans as long as their music is this pretty. Their new track The Fall is a beautifully layered track which combines a somewhat funky beat with a soft soul vibe; rumour has it a new EP is on the way.

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